On a historic, political and romantic landscape, the movie gives to see a visionary who, in spite of the indisputable success of its projects, will remain finally dissatisfied. The historic background sends back to the biography of Francisco Piria ( 1847-1933 ). The romantic weft and the political weft recovers from a free adaptation of Juan Grompone’s novel, ” Asesinato el Hotel de Baños “, and the essay of the same F. Piria, ” El Socialismo triunfante “. The dramatic weft, which ties up both previous ones sends back to a work on the utopia, on the freemason universe and more incidentally on that of the alchemy. This work also concerned the theme of the immigration, at the beginning of the XXth century. A selective filmography allowed us to confront such or such aspect of the script with specific feature films belonging to Orson Wells, Alain Resnais, Alexander Sokurof, Guillermo del Toro and Wong Kar Way.

Francisco Piria /

Francisco Fernando Piria (1847-1933 ), son of Italian immigrants, was a recognized businessman in Uruguay, considered today still as an important actor of the modernity of the Uruguay of the XXth century. In 1890, on the return to a journey in Europe and inspired by the French Riviera, he makes the bet set up ex nihilo the first seaside town of South America. He puts all his means in the service of this project which his circle of acquaintances considers completely impracticable. And nevertheless, the bet comes true, and the city will take the name of “Piriápolis”. The idea to confront Piria-the entrepreneur with Piria-the political thinker appeared almost naturally from the reading of ” El Socialismo triunfante ” ( The triumphant socialism), written and published by Francisco Piria in 1898 which tells the political initiation of the young person Fernando in the Uruguay of the year 2098.